What Is Included in the Kaiser Health Plans?


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Features included in Kaiser individual and family health plans are the ability to choose a doctor, convenient doctor appointment scheduling, medical services in a single location and access to health reports, as stated by Kaiser Permanente. Specific health plan details require entering a ZIP code at the company's website.

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Individuals enrolled in a Kaiser health plan can view doctor listings, including profiles, and are able to choose or change doctors at any time, according to Kaiser Permanente. Doctor appointments can be scheduled or cancelled online using a computer or mobile device. Medical professionals and services are often provided at the same location, and patients can be seen by a doctor, get an X-ray and have a prescription filled at an on-site pharmacy during a single visit. Kaiser has also simplified the process of patient medical reporting, and patients can receive a printed summary of their medical status after each doctor visit. Patients can view their health summary and test results online.

Kaiser dental plans include a full range of customized dental services for individuals, families and companies. These plans cover basic dental hygiene, emergencies and dental specialists, including orthodontists and oral surgeons, notes Kaiser Permanente. Patients receive dental services such as teeth whitening, teeth alignment with braces and cosmetic treatments such as veneers and dental implants.

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