What Is Included in a Job Description for a General Manager of Operations?

The responsibilities of a general manager of operations focus on ensuring that each segment of the company performs in conjunction with one another, facilitating the needs of employees and managers, and addressing any organizational issues that arise during the completion of specific tasks. The job may also include scheduling services, maintaining project calendars and conducting meetings with team leads to modify projections and company plans.

A general manager of operations is responsible for the overall actions of each segment of a company, with some positions focusing on a specific department or location. The job focuses on identifying company goals, as well as meeting with other managers and team leaders to create a plan for accomplishing these tasks, generally focusing on large-scale planning rather than individual worker management. The general manager may collect feedback from department managers to determine the appropriate deadlines for projects, help prioritize various aspects of the company's goals and address specific concerns that the team leads have in regards to the plans.

Some general managers also compile progress reports on the projects for the executive team or other managers, tracking relevant statistics and helping shape company expectations and goals. The job can also include regular meetings with other segments of the company to identify areas of inefficiency, such as redundant procedures or insufficient resources. General managers also help shape company policies to handle specific tasks and situations, often focusing on identifying areas to improve across the organization.