What Is Included in an Employment Writing Test?


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Most written tests for employment include a prompt that asks the applicant to write in a specific format. This written text is analyzed for spelling, clarity, use of grammar and overall writing skills. Depending on the type of job, the prompt may vary.

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Often, applicants are asked to write a response to a letter or scenario. This prompt gives the applicant context and allows her to focus on a specific response. This is most common in jobs where the applicant's responsibilities do not require them to write anything that to made public. This type of test ensures email and written communication between employees is efficient and effective.

If the job being applied for is in public relations, the writing task often is more complex. This type of job may require the applicant to write an announcement or press release as if she were making a public statement. In this case, understanding the expected format is very important.

In both cases, proper spelling and punctuation is crucial. The applicant is typically given a short amount of time to write, which can make it easy to make mistakes. An applicant should finish her written assessment early enough to be able to read back through it a couple of times.

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