What Is Included in an Employee Profile?

An employee profile is a personnel file that contains all relevant information concerning an employment relationship. Information beginning with the job application up to and including termination documentation is included in the profile. Only the employee, immediate supervisors/managers or human resources personnel have access to this personnel file.

Items relating to the employee's application and job history are key elements to an employee profile. Education and previous employment verifications are also standard items. Also, personal and business references checks are noted in this document. Other items may include emergency contact information, a current job description, a signed document verifying acquisition of an employee handbook and any contracts between the employer and employee. Examples of contracts may include a non-compete clause, company credit allowance, a company vehicle and similar arrangements.

Other sections of an employee profile will focus on job performance. Any reviews or performance appraisals will be included in the employee profile, in addition to employee recognitions, awards and pay raises. Disciplinary problems will be noted, along with actions taken to correct such issues. If a termination occurs, either voluntary or forced, all documents related to the event will be kept in this file. These forms will include a resignation letter or document outlining termination reasons.

Additional items in an employee profile relating to a termination may include an exit interview, Cobra notification, final pay check distribution and return of company property.