What Is Included in DOT Certification Training?


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Department of Transportation certification requirements vary by job, but may include shipping and handling hazardous material, specialization for concrete work and nuclear gauge certification, as stated by Compliance Solutions. Employees need to check with their employer for certification requirements for their particular DOT jobs.

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Certification for Public Work Inspector includes drainage products, traffic lights, erosion control and contract administration. Public Work Inspectors are the people who work on building projects such as highways and bridges and verify the use of proper materials. This training can be provided by multiple departments including third-party centers and certified trainers provided by the Department of Transportation.

Most certification is required for new employees and when major changes are made with in regulations. Some jobs may require that the certification be required every three years. In jobs where hazardous materials are being handled and transported, employees who have not completed their DOT certification will not be allowed to handle materials, notes Compliance Solutions. The length of the courses and the material included can vary based on the job and relevant certification that is being earner. Some jobs may require minimal certification time, while others may require six or more hours in the classroom.

Along with learning restrictions on handling hazardous material, new employees must complete their certification within 90 days. This is according to the hazardous materials regulations and penalties, for noncompliance can go up to $75,000 per day for each violation regarding training.

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