What Is Included on a Certified Nursing Assistant Skills Checklist?


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Certified nursing assistants are required to know both indirect and direct care skills, such as medical cleanliness procedures, how to check heart rate and breathing, and how to operate medical equipment. The more important tasks are related to direct care, as these are the jobs for which CNAs are hired.

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Direct care always involves directly interacting with a patient in some way. Skills that fall under this category include measuring body temperature, dressing a patient, assisting patients to beds or wheelchairs, checking blood pressure and feeding a patient. A nursing assistant is expected to memorize all of these tasks and the procedures involved, in order to provide proper care for their assigned patients.

Indirect care procedures cover aspects such as being courteous to a patient, practicing proper hygiene before and after certain tasks, being mindful of the rights a patient has, and maintaining the medical equipment for a patient. Some of these procedures do not require a nurse to be perfect, but it reflects well on the CNA when they perform indirect care as well as they as they can.

Direct care tasks are specific to certain patients, and although learning these tasks is required, it is unlikely that all of these skills are employed in any short span of time. Indirect care skills, on the other hand, are used every day for the benefit of every patient.

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