What Is Included in a Business Profile?

What Is Included in a Business Profile?

A business profile, or a company profile, includes a summary of a firm's history, mission, resources, products or services, and target markets. It also features basic details about the company's length of operation, number of employees and location. The profile explains the company's type of ownership and structure, such as being part of a bigger group or having subdivisions that focus on different market sectors.

The mission statement in a business profile highlights the key reasons why the company entered its particular industry. The profile also provides a list of major customers and summarizes the company's marketplace position and vision, such as creating eco-friendly products using sustainable processes.

A business profile describes distinct capabilities that set the company apart from competitors. For example, it may add information about the skill sets of its management and employees and highlight existing training programs. Up-to-date manufacturing facilities, industry accreditation and awards demonstrate credibility.

Mentioning brief information regarding financial performance, including share value, profitability and turnover, and plans related to expansion and addition of new products or services are good ideas when creating a business profile. The company's growth record should also be added.

A well-written business profile conveys a company's good reputation and effectively gains the trust of clients, investors and employees. It should be concise, attention-grabbing, complete and constantly updated. Only accurate information must be included, as clients typically verify information.