How Do You Include Salary History on a Resume?


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There are two ways in which you can include your salary history with a resume. One way is to print your salary history on a separate document. List each of your previous positions with the employer, city of employment, starting salary and ending salary. The other way is to address your salary history in a cover letter before expressing gratitude for the opportunity.

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If you include your salary history in a cover letter, only the employer and ending salary should be stated. It is important to note that your salary history should only be included if the employer explicitly requests it, as some employers might see your salary history and offer you less money than they otherwise would have.

If you believe that your salary history and the compensation for the position you are applying for do not align, you can acknowledge this difference in your cover letter. This acknowledgment can be done in a transparent and cordial manner, such as stating how you are confident the employer has a just compensation structure, and that you are focused and appreciative for the opportunity to pursue the position.

Your salary history should never be included on the same page as your resume.

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