What Do You Include in an RN Shift Report Template?


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Registered nurse shift report templates typically include information such as patient medical history, physical assessments, scheduled medical tests and patient discharge details, according to NurseTogether. Shift report templates can also include the names and contact information of all medical team members providing patient care.

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RN shift reports allow nurses to effectively relay vital patient care information during shift changes, explains NurseTogether. Shift reports provide details such as follow-up care plans and social information such as whether patients can afford specific prescription drugs. Nurses use this information to instruct caregivers or to request low-cost medications.

Nursing shift reports also include pain management plans along with a list of pain medications and dosages, reports NurseTogether. Nurses can discuss pain management plans with patients to determine which medications provide the most comfort and then make notes on the shift report. These reports also list the times when patients received specific medications.

Shift reports provide patient discharge details such as specific discharge times, transportation details and outpatient care plans, according to NurseTogether. Nurses can make notes about patient concerns and questions on shift reports along with any medical advice provided. The shift report must also include a record of completed nursing documentation along with a list of documents that need to be completed.

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