What Do You Include on Maintenance Log Forms?


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A maintenance log typically includes the name of the company; the person, room or object requiring maintenance; a table for the maintenance performed; and a notes section. The table includes the date or time the maintenance begins, the type of maintenance order, the date of completion and the name or signature of the person who completed the work.

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To create the log form on a word processing program, open a new document, and create a header with the name of the job, person or object and any necessary contact information. Create a table, or insert a block of text for the maintenance information. Include spaces for the date and time of entry, the date and time of completion, the signature of the recipient, and the signature of the worker. Include additional lines for any notes on the order. Depending on the purpose of the log, include a section for total hours worked, the cost of the order or any replacement parts used.

To create a log form using a spreadsheet program, open a new file, and format the header. Create the table by formatting the size of the cells and putting an outline around each column and row. In the top row, type teach section title in large or bold type. If desired, assign a color to each section.

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