What Do You Include in an Employee Notice of Resignation?


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Include the date you plan to leave, a thank you for the opportunity, and an offer to help with the transition when writing a notice of resignation. Describe the reason you're leaving if you feel the need to include the information in the letter.

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A letter of resignation is typically brief and to the point. A resignation letter may only be a few sentences long if it includes the essentials. You don't need to include lots of details or give a long-winded explanation for your decision, but you do need to provide the key details your employer needs for records.

Start by getting to the point of the letter with a statement such as, "Please accept this letter my official notice of resignation from my position." Include the name of your position and the company name in the statement. In the same sentence or the next sentence, give a specific date as your last working day. Give the standard two weeks notice if possible. Some contracts may specify a different time-period requirement.

The thank-you portion of the letter should also be simple. An example is, "I appreciate the opportunities I had while working for the company." If you include an explanation, you might say you were offered a new opportunity, are planning to relocate, or are taking time off for other priorities.

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