What Do You Include on a Driver's Log Book?


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A driver's log book includes the driver's hours of service, mileage, the name of the shipping company and the material the driver is transporting. Logbooks exist because federal, state and local regulations demand drivers receive a minimum number of hours of rest between duty shifts.

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The most important items of information in a driver's logbook are his hours of service. These require the driver note all the things he did during the time period covered by the logbook page, which is typically one day. The driver must mark on the card when he was driving the vehicle, when he was on duty but not driving, when he was off duty, and when he was sleeping.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which regulates the information in logbooks, requires that a driver also notes the total number of hours he drove during the day, how many hours he can drive on the subsequent day, and the total number of hours he drove during the preceding work period. Many drivers work for eight-day periods, during which they can drive for a maximum of 70 hours. Alternatively, drivers on seven-day work periods can drive up to 60 hours. Logbooks usually have different sections on each day's page for drivers on either work schedule.

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