What Do You Include in Business Action Plans?


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A business action plan is an internal document that identifies a business goal and the associated strategies required to achieve said goal. It includes specific actions, roles, responsibilities and performance indicators over a defined short-term or long-term time frame.

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A business action plan is always established by recording the business mission and set of goals. The action plan must then provide step-by-step actions, which incorporate the broader strategies outlined in the business plan, to achieve the stated goals.

Business action plans are typically organized into several small sets of achievable goals. Each set of goals is broken down with a series of actions to achieve the associated short-term or long-term goals. However, the specific course of action and strategies required to achieve the goals is dependent on the associated business plan.

Business action plans are influenced by the stated goals, missions and personality of the underlying business. The specific actions of a business plan are derived from a respective business model. As a result, the specific activities outlined in action plans vary widely from business to business; however, all business action plans are created to achieve a set of goals. They are implemented to help a business grow, reach a certain sales number, and establish a winning culture.

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