What Is an Incident in a Command System Organization?


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The Incident Command System is a concept that was designed to provide a framework for an organizational structure that is typically adopted by responders to effectively manage the demands of incidents. The ICS organization accommodates responders from various agencies regardless of their jurisdictional boundaries in responding to emergencies. The ICS separates an emergency response into six functional areas: command, planning, operations, logistics, finance and administration.

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The incident commander is the head of any response initiative and has the responsibility of defining the objectives of the response and managing all the response operations. The most crucial responsibilities of the incident commander include ensuring the safety of the operations team as well as the safety of members of the public at the scene of the incident.

The IC also approves the incident action plan to be used by the response team and ensures that appropriate safety measures are in place while monitoring the incident organization and implementation of the action plan. The command staff include the information officer, the liaison officer, and the safety officer, who are part of the incident command. The general staff are responsible for the planning, operations, logistics, and finance and administrative activities, but they all report to the incident commander.

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