What Are Some Incentive Ideas for Employees?


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Incentive ideas for employees include running a work-related contest and offering cash or gift certificates as prizes, conducting a special training program in a relaxing resort, and offering gadgets, apparel and other physical items. Employers may also give employees extra hours off work and in-office incentives, such as tasty snacks.

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Cash and gift certificates allow employees to select their desired rewards. Running a contest that rewards employees with the best work output encourages them to perform well in their jobs. When holding a training activity in a resort or other enjoyable location, it's important to give employees time to unwind after each training session.

Hiring several massage therapists is a good idea to relieve stress in the workplace. Employers who want cost-effective incentive ideas may try sending simple thank-you notes to employees, holding a pizza party during lunch and surprising employees with slices of cake.

To recognize the notable achievements of hardworking employees, it's a good idea to hand a formal letter with the employer's signature and the company's seal to deserving employees. Another way to commend an employee's accomplishment is to design a wall of fame with a description of the achievement. Gathering all employees in a room and providing a standing ovation when the outstanding employee enters helps to improve employee morale. Moreover, employees appreciate drinking gourmet coffee instead of regular coffee.

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