How Do You Improve Construction Safety?


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To improve safety in the construction industry, demonstrate the importance of safety by having upper management present at safety meetings, create safety committees involving managers and employees, consider hiring an on-site safety manager, and inform all personnel that everyone is accountable for adhering to safety rules, recommends SafetyPro Resources. Perform a job-safety analysis when planning projects, and conduct field-safety inspections regularly.

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Evaluate the risks associated with prospective contractors by examining the safeguards they use, their plans for handling accidents, and any incident rates reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, suggests SafetyPro Resources. Train workers properly regarding safety precautions in their respective jobs and proper use of safety equipment. Implement a comprehensive fall-protection program to reduce the risk of injuries associated with falls. Additionally, create a specific fall-management plan for every project with considerable risk of falls.

Deter drug and alcohol abuse among employees by imposing anti-substance-abuse policies, and increase awareness in the workplace by incorporating safety topics in regular meetings, states SafetyPro Resources. If accidents occur, update and improve safety protocols based on those events to prevent them from happening again.

Regular field-safety inspections reveal risks associated with old equipment, improperly arranged tools or dangerous employee behaviors, notes SafetyPro Resources. Correct these hazards promptly to increase workplace safety.

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