What Are Some Important Traits of a Good Leader?


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Traits that good leaders exhibit include a positive attitude, confidence, great communication and good character. Good leaders learn from mistakes, take responsibility and do not overreact.

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It takes positive attitude and confidence to be a good leader. When a leader is pessimistic everyone below her becomes pessimistic as well. Confidence includes taking risks, standing alone and not backing down if things start to fail. Without confidence and a positive attitude, a leader struggles to inspire those below her.

A good leader must listen to those around and below her. Listening means more than just hear what others say, but to consider what they say. Communication also involves speaking when you need help and delegating needs clearly without keeping those below guessing what is wanted.

Good leaders are humble and willing to do all parts of the job. They remain visible and accessible. Leaders are honest about who they are and live by a higher calling.

A business does not succeed if the same mistake is repeated, so leaders must be able to learn from mistakes. Leaders take responsibility without finding scapegoats, own the blame and share the success. When calamity strikes, a leader stays calm and does not overreact, allowing those below to have clear minds and seek a solution.

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