What Are Important Tips for Staying Safe While Working at a Construction Site?


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Ladders may seem relativelyharmless, but they're responsible for many fatalities and thousands of accidents on construction sites, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), so itstrongly advises using the proper ladder when carrying outtasks. Workers may lose their balance or overreach while on a ladder; therefore,it's best not to be in a hurry and to always be mentally alertwhen traversing the steps.

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What Are Important Tips for Staying Safe While Working at a Construction Site?
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OSHA also estimates that accidents related toscaffolding are responsible for manyinjuries and fatalities on construction sitesevery year. For that reason, the administration advises that no unstable objects, such as loose bricks or concrete blocks,be used to support scaffolds or planks. Moreover, scaffolds must be equipped with sturdy guardrails, midrails and toe boardsand they must be inspected at regular intervals to ensure worker safety. Particular attention should be paid to metal parts, which may be subject to rust.

All workers on a construction site should don the proper personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses, heavy-duty rubber gloves for concrete work andhard hats in areas where something could fall on their head.

Stairways and walkways must be kept clean and free of debris or dangerous objects. Anything that may cause a worker to slip or fall must be immediately cleared out.

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