What Are the Most Important Things to Look for When Buying a House?

important-things-look-buying-house Credit: Feverpitched/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Redbeacon notes that some of the most important things to look at when buying a home include the condition of the basement, the attic, the electrical and plumbing systems, and the HVAC system. It's best to hire a professional and experienced home inspector before buying a residence to ensure that it's in good condition.

While looking at the basement and attic, potential buyers should pay attention to evidence of moisture problems, such as musty or damp smells, states Redbeacon. It's also a good idea to inspect crawl spaces in the home to check for cracks running along the foundation and moisture spots. The insulation in the attic should be adequate enough for the home's geographic location.

The fuse box to the electrical system should be easy to gain access to, and the home should also have enough electrical outlets for potential owners. According to Redbeacon, ground fault circuit interrupters in the bathroom and kitchen are good for preventing intense shocks. While inspecting the plumbing system, the water pressure, speed of water drainage and evidence of water leaks should be checked.

The home's HVAC system needs to have the correct sizes for the models and capacity. Redbeacon also recommends hiring a professional to make sure the HVAC system is operating properly.