What Are Some Important Things to Consider When Writing a Letter to a Judge?

What Are Some Important Things to Consider When Writing a Letter to a Judge?

To write a letter to a judge, be professional and clearly state the reason for writing to the judge, advises The Law Dictionary. Be sure to state the correct title, name and address for the judge.

When writing a victim statement to a judge, explain how your life has changed as a result of the crime committed against you, including physical, social or emotional aspects, explains The Law Dictionary. Other people may write statements on your behalf demonstrating how the crime against you has impacted them.

Defendants requesting leniency from a judge must accept responsibility for their crimes. Demonstrate how you plan to change your future behavior, advises The Law Dictionary.

Similarly, when writing a defendant character reference for consideration in sentencing, do not state he is innocent or complain that he has been treated unfairly, according to the Broden Mickelsen Helms & Snipes. Instead, write about the defendant's positive qualities and include examples when possible. Tell the judge how long you have known the defendant and in what capacity. It is also helpful to acknowledge you are aware of the nature of the crime, but that you still hold a favorable opinion of the defendant.

Be sure to proofread the letter carefully before sending it to a judge, according to The Law Dictionary. Write the letter in your own words, advises Broden Mickelsen Helms & Snipes. Keep the letter brief and no more than three pages long.