What Are Some Important Service Statistics for Call Centers?


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Important service statistics for call centers include the average length of calls, the number of times a customer abandons a call, whether or not the agent resolves the matter for the customer and the total number of calls that receive resolution. Call centers also track overall customer satisfaction and the nature of each call.

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Call length is an important statistic for call centers because it directly relates to overall productivity and staffing needs. Most call centers seek to reduce calls to the shortest amount of time possible, because it allows agents to move on to the next call more quickly and requires less of the customer's time to obtain a resolution. This statistic may appear in relation to a period of time, such as the average length of calls per hour or week, as well as against the total number of calls the center receives each day. It is also common for call centers to track the number of times a customer leaves the call before a resolution, as these incidents often result from frustration.

Call centers also track several statistics related to resolving matters for customers, such as the agent's success rate in finding solutions or the average time before the customer accepts the solution. Similarly, call centers track the number of calls that result in a successful conclusion for the customer, often known simply as the success rate. Call centers also monitor customer satisfaction, both with the company and the call center service, often through follow-up phone or email surveys.

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