How Important Is the Role of Office Manager?

important-role-office-manager Credit: Ted Sakshaug/CC-BY 2.0

Office managers play an important role in specific day-to-day office operations such as customer relations, payroll, maintaining office supply inventories and creating sales reports and internal correspondence. Office managers may also hire employees, and monitor employee performance and productivity.

Effective office managers reduce the workload and stress for business owners, company supervisors and department leaders. Office managers should possess excellent communication skills, have the ability to complete multiple tasks during the day and take on new work responsibilities as necessary. Small businesses, medical offices and companies experiencing continued growth should hire an office manager to ensure the completion of business tasks in a timely manner.

Additional responsibilities of an office manager includes event planning, mail delivery and shipping, tracking employee attendance and writing business letters and other correspondence. Office managers also handle customer and employee complaints and requests, and act as a liaison between management and employees or management and customers.

The level of responsibility an office manager bears typically depends on the needs of the business. As a business grows, office managers should hire administrative assistants or college interns to file paperwork, create business documents and complete work-related errands. This additional help allows office managers to work more closely with employees and management to create a productive work environment.