Why Is It Important to Have a Resume?

It is important to have a resume because many jobs, especially higher-skilled positions, require that applicants submit a resume. Beyond that, a resume is an opportunity for a prospect to build a brand image by displaying experiences, skills and qualities that companies desire.

Examples of positions that often require a resume include professional, technical and managerial roles. Many companies also ask candidates to submit a resume when applying for sales jobs and office-based positions. Even when employers don't mandate a resume, having one allows an applicant to communicate more information about his background than what a typical application holds. A resume also allows an applicant to communicate information on paper that he isn't able to present to a hiring manager on an in-person visit.

A resume is a sales tool for a job applicant. It allows for an organized and structured presentation of work experiences, educational background, accomplishments and qualifications. In competitive job markets, a great resume often makes a difference in whether a candidate gets an interview or not. A resume also conveys important contact information for a follow-up contact. Normally, the candidate includes this information, including name, address, phone number and email, at the top of the front page.