What Are the Important Points in Home Depot's My Apron?


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The key aspects of Home Depot's My Apron employee portal system include providing access to pay stub details, work shift scheduling information and making changes to benefits details. The system also includes tools that allow the employee to provide feedback on various work activities and take part in corporate surveys.

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The My Apron system serves as a work and benefits management site for Home Depot employees, with access only available through computer terminals within the employee's main store. To access the site, the employee must load the site on a store computer and log in with her employee identification number and unique password. Once she signs into her account with the site, one of the first actions she may take includes reviewing her current work schedule. This includes the dates and times for which she is going to work in the near future, along with the specific store number and department in which she must serve.

The employee also has access to past pay stubs through the system, which typically list her current pay rate, total billable hours during the last pay period, any overtime pay and any withholding from that pay check. Additionally, the employee may review and make changes to any benefits, such as health insurance or retirement plans. The system also includes periodic surveys to allow employees to provide feedback about the work experience.

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