What Is the Most Important Part of a Professional Resume?


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The most important part of a professional resume is the first third of the page. Hiring managers who are looking through stacks of resumes are more likely to notice what is presented at the very beginning of the document, so it’s important to put the most engaging information here, including contact information, the target job title, a branding statement, a career summary and major accomplishments.

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Contact information, in addition to necessities such as phone number and email address, should show the reader where to find more information about the applicant. Links to a professional website, blog or LinkedIn profile are all useful to help employers get to know a potential employee better.

Including the target job title is useful because it helps to reinforce the connection between the employee and the position the hiring manager wants to fill. A one-line branding statement is another way to help distinguish a resume from others. This should be a short sentence highlighting the applicant’s relevance as a candidate for the job. The statement should be tailored to the specific position for which the employee is applying.

A career summary should avoid generic language in favor of specific, quantifiable achievements that indicate what makes the applicant unique or valuable. Descriptions of accomplishments should specifically indicate what an employee brought to previous positions.

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