What Are Some Important Leadership Skills?


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Skills and traits that tend to be associated with good leadership include the ability to effectively delegate work to and communicate with employees. This means that a leader must not try to control every aspect of an organization and must also be able to describe wants and needs in a way that is both clear and respectful to employees, according to Forbes. Personal qualities such as strong ethics, honesty, confidence, creativity, enthusiasm and personality are also important qualities that help make an effective leader who inspires confidence in and draws good performance out of others.

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Good leaders must be comfortable being in charge, but that does not mean they should act superior to others. Leaders who are respectful to others tend to get respect back, as reported by the University of Oregon. Other qualities that employees tend to reflect back include enthusiasm and motivation, meaning that leaders who display these traits tend to see them more often in the people they lead.

Leaders should have some humility as well. This means that a leader should have an open mind and balance their confidence with a willingness to change when necessary. Intuition and the ability to think ahead are important qualities for a leader, but a good leader needs to be able to recognize when she is wrong.

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