What Important Items Should Be Included in a Facility Maintenance Checklist?

What Important Items Should Be Included in a Facility Maintenance Checklist?

Facility maintenance checklists should include categories such as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, plumbing, lighting and electrical systems, fire and safety systems, and exterior areas. The checklist's purpose is to identify potential problems and correct them before a high-cost repair or replacement is necessary. Checklists should address the most important parts of a building and those most likely to wear out or need repair.

Checklist items within the heating and cooling system category typically include removing panels, checking valves and motor bearings, cleaning and replacing filters, and lubricating pumps.

Plumbing items include checking for leaks, lubricating circulation pump systems, and fire-testing water heaters and boilers.

Checklist items for interior and exterior lighting include examining the condition of cables, confirming consistent color temperatures, adjusting lighting, and replacing blown-out bulbs.

Fire and safety checklist items may include checking that all certifications are up to date, that pressure gauge readings on fire extinguishers are in the proper range, and that system nozzles are clear.

Roof and exterior building surfaces are key to maintaining the integrity of a building. Checklist items include making sure gutters and roof drains are clear and examining roof-to-wall connections. Other exterior checklist items may include looking for potholes or debris in parking areas, examining the concrete in walkways or steps, and confirming visibility of signage.