What Are Some Important Government Jobs?


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Some important government jobs include Revenue Officers in the Internal Revenue Service and Special Agents in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. While the nature of these two jobs is very different, they both involve the enforcement of federal laws and the investigation into the violation of these laws.

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Revenue Officers are typically tax accounting and law experts. Their main purpose is to bring delinquent taxpayers into compliance by collecting on past-due tax obligations. They do so by calculating the outstanding obligations of non-filing taxpayers, issuing the required legal collection notices and working with taxpayers to establish repayment plans. Additionally, Revenue Officers have the legal authority to garnish the bank accounts and wages, as well as seizing the property of non-compliant taxpayers.

Special Agents of the Criminal Investigations Division of the FBI are tasked by the Department of Justice with the investigation of illegal acts. The FBI recruits Special Agents with wide varieties of previous experiences, including accountants, attorneys, engineers and military veterans. While Special Agents are known for investigating major violent crimes that span across state borders, they are also trained to work on high-profile white-collar crimes such as embezzlement and fraud. Additionally, the FBI is tasked with the investigation of crimes committed by government officials.

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