What Are Some Important Elements of Weekly Time Sheets?


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Important elements of a weekly time sheet include a section to track the number of hours an employee works each day, along with the total hours for the week, the pay rate for each work period and the type of work the employee does. It is also important to include personal information for the employee, such as a name or identification number.

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A weekly time sheet allows an employee to keep a record of the exact hours she works each week and to submit it to her supervisor as proof of her billable time. As such, the time sheet must include a way to designate it as belonging to a single employee, typically with a space at the top for the employee to write in her name and employee number. Beneath this should be a section that outlines the full period the time sheet covers, including the month, day and year for the first and last days on the sheet.

The format for tracking working hours may vary depending on the type of work. A basic sheet may only require the start and stop times for each day. More complex jobs may require multiple sections to track the specific actions during the day. The time sheet should end with a calculation of the total hours for each section, along with the hourly pay rate.

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