What Are Some Important Elements of a Building Contract Template?


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Important elements to feature in a building contract template include a section to list the names and contact information for both parties, a schedule of dates and deadlines for the project and a space for a description of the project. The template should also feature clauses regarding failure to meet terms by either the client or the contractor.

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A building contract is a type of legal document that represents the agreement between a property owner and a contractor to perform a set amount of work on a building, typically within a specific period of time and for a set amount of money. As such, a building contract template should begin with a section to enter the names of each person entering into the agreement, with language to specify which party is the property owner and which is the contractor. The form also needs to include a section where the contractor may write in the specific actions she agrees to perform for the project, as per the property owner's instructions.

The contract must also contain areas to enter the stating and ending dates for the project as well as an estimate of costs for labor and materials. In order to protect against potential disputes, it may be necessary for the document to include a section that states the contractor is not responsible for any actions that do not appear in the contract. The form should conclude with areas for each party to sign to show agreement to the terms.

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