What Are Some Important Details to Include in a Job Description?


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Job descriptions should contain information about key job responsibilities, where the job holder will work, what the formal job title is and to whom the job holder will report, according to American Express. It is important for job descriptions to be detailed without being overwhelming, so it is a good idea to use bullet points to outline between five and 10 key job responsibilities within the job description. Additionally, the job description should give the reader a good idea of the day-to-day responsibilities of the position in addition to high-level goals.

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Key responsibilities should be described as short phrases that focus on action verbs pertaining to job activities. It is not necessary to use complete sentences for this part of the job description. However, other parts of the job description, such as a written job overview, should be written in a few concise but complete sentences.

Job descriptions should also outline an ideal candidate's qualifications, including their level of education and essential technical skills, as reported by the HR Daily Advisor. It is also a good idea to include any special requests in a job description, including whether a position requires the ability to travel, lift heavy objects, operate specialized machinery, cope with extreme temperatures or work nonstandard hours.

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