What Is the Importance of Workplace Confidentiality?


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Confidentiality in the workplace is very important since there is sensitive information regarding customers and employees in every office. A breach of confidentiality can cause serious complications.

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Workplace confidentiality is a major issue in today's workforce with the spread of technology. Confidentiality can range from speaking to a customer or employee in private to safeguarding personal documents of every person with any involvement in the business. There are even government acts and regulations to help safeguard some privacy content in the workplace, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations.

By hiring new employees, the office is exposing all these new people to sensitive information about employees and customers the business works with. This information could include Social Security numbers or even credit card numbers. By exposing this confidential information to new employees, or by doing something reckless such as leaving confidential information available to the public, people's lives can be adversely affected.

Confidentiality is especially important in matters where something in the workplace needs to be reported, such as sexual harassment. It is extremely important to keep matters like this and the people involved confidential to keep the employees safe from potential retaliation from other employees. Some may jump to conclusions just because there is an investigation going on, and will automatically project innocence or guilt onto the members involved. This can mean a lot of trouble in the workplace by creating a hostile environment.

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