What Is the Importance of Consumer Awareness?


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According to Ford, consumer awareness is important because it increases a current or potential customer's knowledge about a product or service, allowing her to make a more informed purchase. Increasing consumer awareness also allows business owners to share background information about their organizations, their values and their practices.

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Business owners increase consumer awareness by employing a wide range of marketing techniques designed to provide consumers with as much positive information about their company as possible. If an organization consistently produces high-quality products, has high safety standards and provides top-notch customer service, it benefits it to make the public aware of these values through commercials, billboards or social media campaigns. When a company associates itself with specific positive values, customers feel more confident making purchases, notes Ford.

Creating consumer awareness also involves making customers aware of company details that have little or nothing to do with the product or service being offered. For example, a business owner might want the public to know that his organization supports a specific charity, does not test on animals or uses environmentally friendly materials. Making consumers aware that a specific cause is supported helps generate a favorable public opinion about the business, which helps foster customer loyalty and draw in new customers.

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