How Do You Implement a Strategic Plan?


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To implement a strategic plan, review the plan, create a vision for implementing the plan, select a team to assist with implementation, and schedule regular meetings. Upper management should be involved and consulted where appropriate during the implementation process.

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Evaluate the strategic plan, highlighting areas that are excessive in cost, unrealistic or challenging. Keep these in mind throughout the implementation process, and come up with alternative plans in case the original fails. Ensure that all aspects of the strategic plan are understood.

Next, create a vision stipulating the exact steps to take to implement the plan. This includes listing step by step actions, goals to be reached, and items to be completed. Have a clear end result, and explain to everyone involved the reason for and importance of the end result. Choose a team of dedicated and experienced members to help with the implementation of the strategic plan.

Lastly, hold regular meetings to discuss the strategic plan's progress. Discuss whether the implementation is behind schedule, ahead of schedule or on schedule, and come up with new strategies for improvement where necessary. Changes to be made must be discussed with all members of the team, and a rewards system established to motivate team members throughout the process.

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