What Images of Castles Are Fake?

What Images of Castles Are Fake?

The picture of a castle on top of an island outcrop in Dublin, Ireland is one example of a fake. Likewise, people take real pictures of fake castles, such as the one in the abandoned Disneyland in China.

A common fake image of a castle is the Castle Island in Dublin, Ireland. In fact, the picture has been edited using Photoshop software for a contest on www.worth1000.com. The castle is actually part of the Lichtenstein Castle in Baden-Wurttemberg that sits on top of a rocky crag. The island is part of the Khao Phing Kan islands in Thailand.

Another example of a fake image of a castle is the Waterfall Castle in Poland. The image shows a castle seemingly carved out of a mountainside with waterfalls cascading around it. However, the castle is located near a busy road in Hungary. An artist edited it into an image of a waterfall.

Another example of a fake castle is an image of a castle in the snow on a hillside. The picture is only computer-generated imagery. Another castle on a waterfall is also a CGI picture. This one appears to be on a tiny island at the edge of a huge waterfall.

An example of a real image of a fake castle are those that show a Disneyland location for which China pulled the funding.