How Do You Identify a Work Skills List for a Job Listing?


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Identify a work skills list in a job listing by looking for a Skills or Qualifications heading within the post. Under the heading is a list of skills/qualifications needed for a job, such as physical abilities, previous work experience, educational background and other skills.

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Job listings sometimes contain two sets of skills: general skills and job-specific skills. There are some skills that have a wide application for many jobs, examples of these being complex problem solving, judgement and decision making, basic technological competency, leadership skills and the ability to work as part of a team.

A job listing may also have a list of skills and qualifications that have a more direct application to a job. For example, life teachers need a certain educational background, the ability to relate to a wide range of people and the skills to adapt lessons and create new activities based on a student's specific needs. A construction worker needs good hand to eye coordination, physical strength and dexterity, a working knowledge of geometry and the ability to read a blueprint.

Once you identify the skills list on a job listing, you can focus on preparing your resume and interview in a way that highlight the listed skills you possess.

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