How Do You Identify a Fake Auto Insurance Card?


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To identify a fake car insurance card, check for typographical errors or misspellings, and search for the typical contents of legitimate insurance cards, especially a policy number and vehicle identification number, recommends EverQuote. In some states, auto insurance cards also show barcodes that barcoders can scan for verification.

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To ensure that you're buying a car insurance policy from a trusted company, research the insurance provider's history and find out if the firm is a member of an auto insurance group or association, suggests EverQuote. Legitimate firms provide complete policy documents by mail or email. Also check an insurer's credit ratings online and read customer reviews and testimonials.

Choose an agent who directly works for your chosen company, and verify his license number online using your state's insurance site, advises EverQuote. Additionally, scan the code with your smartphone if your policy has a QR code. Make sure the code links to a reputable site, as shoddy firms tend to use QR codes that link to random sites.

Using a falsified car insurance card can lead to legal problems, notes EverQuote. Many states easily can determine if a driver carries adequate insurance through electronic verification systems. Immediately contact your state insurance department or the National Insurance Crime Bureau, or NICB, if you discover a fraudulent policy. Read the brochures, fact sheets and publications on the NICB website to find out about scams.

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