What Are Some Ideas for Unique Business Cards?


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Ideas for unique business cards include using different types of materials such as plastic or metal, altering the design to mirror an aspect of the company, or making each card unique through the addition of separate materials. Another concept is to construct the card to resemble the purpose of the business, such as by using another product as the card or giving it special functionality.

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One way to make unique business cards is to use a material other than the standard card stock during the printing process, such as a clear plastic or polished metal. These cards stand out from others both visually and texturally, but may require special processes to print.

Another approach is to create a base set of standard cards and then customize each item, such as by signing each copy or placing special marks or stamps on them. This makes each card unique among the set and helps the card stand out due to the irregular presentation.

Some companies also change the card design to mirror an aspect of the company or its products and services. For example, a wine retailer could use cards in the shape of wine bottles, while a tire company could use circular cards. Similarly, many companies use a completely separate material as the basis for the business card, focusing on a common component or tool of the business; for example, a plumbing company might print its name and contact information on small plungers, or a flower nursery could use packets of seeds as business cards.

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