What Are Some Ideas for Staff Recognition Programs?

Staff recognition programs include monetary incentives, such as cash or gift-card bonuses, or non-monetary awards, such as certificates, personal items or extra vacation time. The type of recognition depends on the employer's budget and the type of behavior or achievement the employer wants to commend.

Employers may give employees monetary bonuses or gift cards based on performance, the company's profitability or how long an employee has worked for the company. Financial incentives may occur regularly, such as monthly or annually, but they may also take the form of a one-time or recurring award that the company gives to a different employee each week or month.

Something as simple as a pizza party recognizes an entire company or department. If the employer does not want to spend money to recognize employees, he can offer employees an extra-long break or the opportunity to leave work early. For other no-cost and low-cost options, the employer can offer simple praise, such as instituting an employee-of-the-week program or giving recognition in an email or interoffice newsletter.

Another no-cost option is to give a recognized employee access to a particular parking space for a month or put the employee's photo in a special place on the wall. Employees can also give accolades to each other through an anonymous compliment box that the company shares with other employees. Supporting employees' volunteer efforts, allowing flexible work schedules and offering days when the employer allows workers to wear casual clothes are other ways to recognize staff.