What Are Some Ideas for Planning Safety Moments Before Business Meetings?

When planning a safety moment before a business meeting, make sure the subject chosen is relevant to the work environment and that it's timely as well as pertinent to the season or a current project. Remind presenters to stay within allotted time of one to five minutes.

Locating emergency equipment, how to use fire extinguishers and the emergency evacuation plan are pertinent safety moment topics for most businesses. Respiratory protection is a safety moment topic relevant to a laboratory environment, while working safely on a ladder is suitable for a construction setting.

Choosing timely topics not only makes sense, but also communicates to employees that management cares about their well-being. The dangers of black ice in the winter or how to avoid accidents when barbecuing are seasonal safety moment topics. Focusing on safe lifting techniques prior to an office move makes sense, as does a presentation on ergonomics since administrators may be ordering new office chairs and computer desks.

The key to selecting safety moment topics is paying attention. Identify risks related to the specific work environment, ask employees about their safety concerns and follow up on recent safety issues, such as a blow-out on a fleet vehicle or someone choking on potato chips in the break room. There are numerous safety moment resources available online at no cost, including slide presentations and handouts that can be used as is or adapted.