What Are Some Ideas for Naming a Cleaning Business?

Ideas for naming a cleaning business include focusing on terms and concepts that relate to cleaning in an indirect fashion, incorporating regional details that relate to the coverage area of the company and adding adjectives that convey cleanliness. The names also need to be easy for customers to pronounce, available on the appropriate online destinations and not sound similar to other company names.

One method for choosing the name of a cleaning business is to create a list of nouns and adjectives that relate to cleaning and combine them in different orders, focusing on terms that relate to the specific type of cleaning the company handles. It is also possible to repeat this process while focusing on indirect relationships to cleaning, such as focusing on the feelings a customer may have after viewing a clean room. This allows for a greater variety of terms, the ability to create an emotional connection with customers and can result in a unique name.

The business name should also be available as a domain name and username on important social media sites, which allows you to build your online presence directly around the brand. Also say the name out loud to make sure it does not resemble that of any existing companies, especially other cleaning companies. Similarly, make sure the name doesn't inadvertently sound inappropriate or similar to terms that could detract from perceptions of efficacy in your business.