What Are Some Ideas for Kids to Start Their Own Business?

Ideas for kids to start their own service businesses include babysitting, errand running, dog walking, peer tutoring and computer repair. Businesses that kids can start that involve making and selling products include beaded jewelry, decorated tee shirts and cookie businesses. Innovative kids can develop websites, mobile apps and robots; they can even serve as social media consultants.

Kids can sell books online, either by creating and selling their own books or by buying and selling used books and comic books. They can find used books to sell at library sales and yard sales. Amazon.com, AbeBooks.com and Alibris.com are three websites for selling books online.

Bizinate.com is a website where kids can start a business. Parents must create a master account, but they can create a company for each kid to operate his own business. Kids can sell products such as their own used items or services, known on the site as "Jobs I'll do." Bizinate offers suggestions for both products and services, and also for getting customers. Online marketing tips include using social media and sending follow-up emails talking about new products and services.

Robert Nay and Lizzie Marie Likness are kid entrepreneurs who have been extremely successful. At 14, Nay created the game "Bubble Ball," which was downloaded two million times within its first two weeks. Likness started by selling healthy baked goods at a farmers' market, added cooking lessons for kids and eventually starred in a television cooking show.