What Are Some Ideas for Funny Workplace Signs?

One idea for a funny workplace sign for an employee's desk or door is one that claims that the buck does not slow down at all here. Such a sign offers a humorous spin on clichés regarding the ultimate authority of the supervisor and how "the buck stops here." Another humorous boss-related sign expresses that no task is impossible for those who do not have to do it, turning what sounds like inspirational words into a joke about responsibility disparity.

Another funny workplace sign is one that expresses distress at "another learning experience." Such a sign gently mocks the corporate notion of transforming workplace challenges into experiences that both individual workers and the team can learn from. Still another amusing workplace sign mocking corporate culture is one that claims the team specializes in "precision guesswork," which acknowledges the guesswork involved in most business ventures but adds the funny twist that at least the guessing performed is precise.

One funny but less politically correct workplace sign expresses that stupidity does not actually qualify as a real handicap and that the individual reading the sign must instead park somewhere else. Such a sign uses designated spaces for differently-abled workers to create a humorous warning about the employee's patience for suffering foolish visitors.