What Are Some Ideas for Daycare Names?


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There are several methods for brainstorming business names for a daycare center; Childcare Central suggests using words from one or more categories like age group, type of school, children's nicknames, descriptive names and locations. For example, choose cute words like squirts, angels dolls or tykes. Age-specific themes focus on infants, toddlers, preschool or regular school. Words that emphasize innocence and fun are happy, creative, sweet, precious, tiny and stars.

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According to Childcare Central, it is best to keep the name simple to pronounce and easy to spell. Busy parents may only glance at a name when browsing for facilities. A name such as Cynthia's Kiddie Corner makes a positive impression, but getting too cute can cause parents to have trouble getting the name right. Amber's Kozy Kidz Korner may seem like a good idea, but this name is too easy to misspell.

Another suggestion is to come up with a unique name that is not too similar to other daycare centers in the area. Therefore, instead of Kiddie Corner, a competing business could be named Munchkin Home Care to be different. A good way to come up with unique business names is to use a business name generator like the ones provided by About.com.

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