What Are Some Ideas for Creating a Business Name?


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Ideas for creating a business name include incorporating the purpose or function of the business into the name, adopting the name of a historical and mythical figure, creating a new word or phrase that summarizes the feeling of the company, or using the names of its founders. The name should be something that sounds appropriate when spoken out loud and available across the necessary platforms and agencies.

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When choosing a business name, owners should consider the nature of their industry and the company itself to create a list of characteristics and features that may serve as inspiration. Many companies choose names that give customers a clear idea of the type of service or product they may receive from the company, such as incorporating coffee terms into the name of a coffee shop or using adjectives and verbs about haste for a delivery service. The name may also come from a fictional creature of place that embodies the company, such as incorporating figures known for strength into the name of a moving company.

Business owners also need to make sure that the name is available for use on social media platforms, as a website domain, and to register for trademarks or local tax boards. Choosing a name that matches or is too similar to an existing company creates confusion among customers and may lead to legal issues. The owner should also test the name out loud to make sure it is easy to pronounce and doesn't sound too similar to another company or product.

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