What Are Some Free Ideas for Company Names?


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WordLab.com and BrandLance.com have free lists of company names for inspiration. WordLab.com's list includes over 4,900 company names in alphabetical order, as of January 2016. BrandLance.com has numerous business names available in several dozen categories. The website is aimed at trying to sell domain names of the listed company names; however, using the list for inspiration purposes is completely free.

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There are also a number of business name generators such as BusinessNameGenerator.com, Shopify.com and CoolNameIdeas.com. These take one or more source words and generate possible business names incorporating them.

BusinessNameGenerator.com features an option to search for business names that are available as domain names. They can be sorted and filtered based on popularity, being shorter than seven letters, whether they sound corporate, and other factors.

Shopify.com is primarily focused on finding business names that are available as domain names. The tool primarily appends popular terms before and after the source words to create business names.

CoolNameIdeas.com allows users to search based on the type of business to be formed, what the business offers to customers, and the desired style of business naming. Like Shopfy.com, CoolNameIdeas.com is focused on finding business domain names. It includes advanced search features to limit the length of the domain name, to determine where the source words should be placed, and whether to use general prefixes and suffixes.

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