What Are Some Ideas for Building a Small Retirement Home?

Some ideas for building a small retirement home are to make sure to install a full-sized shower, avoid ladders, include accessible storage spaces in the design and build low, says The Tiny House. Owners can have small homes specifically designed for the comfort and quality of life of seniors.

When cutting back spaces for small home, designers or architects often shrink the space provided for the shower area, but this is not necessarily a good idea in homes for seniors, according to The Tiny House. Mobility issues develop for older adults, and they require more room for spaces such as the bath. Also, when building from scratch, it is a good idea to install hand rails in the shower. For similar reasons, it is best to avoid such areas such as sleeping lofts that require climbing a ladder every night.

It is important to include storage spaces at the right levels, warns The Tiny House. As retired individuals age, they may not be able to easily access storage spaces that are too high. Such spaces as drawers at low levels and under furniture are ideal for older individuals. When building a retirement home, individuals should also consider hiring a professional or buying a house specifically designed for the concerns of seniors.