What Are Some Ideas for Free Advertising?

What Are Some Ideas for Free Advertising?

Free business advertising is available through local directories, published press releases and posting regular updates to social media sites. Local advertising and networking are also useful.

All businesses should be listed in local directories, such as those found on Yahoo! Local, Google, Bing and Yelp. It is easy and free to add a business to the directories. Simply visit the directory, and search for the business name. If it doesn’t come up, enter the business information, and it will be added. Search engines find businesses through local searches with these types of directories.

Press releases are free to submit to newspapers and online publications. Choose publications that fit the target market, whether that is the local newspaper or an online business magazine. It might cost money to have the press release written unless the business owner has writing skills.

Social media provides an excellent source of free advertising for businesses. Creating profiles and submitting updates on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Instagram are completely free to do.

Local advertising and networking are also imperative for small businesses. Attend business events and trade shows, participate in community events and get involved with local charities. Get some high-quality business cards made and hand them out at every opportunity. Send one with every package shipped, attach them to brochures and flyers, and place them in local businesses or on bulletin boards. This helps to get the word out about the business and allows for free advertising opportunities.