What Is an "ideal Job" Description?

An ideal job description is a highly descriptive employment interview response in which you express your optimal job title, working conditions and anticipated professional and personal career rewards. Many human resources managers use the answers you provide to determine if you are a good match for their company and open position.

When formulating an ideal job description, individuals consider their unique educational backgrounds, problem-solving skills, supervisory capacities and income goals. Individuals also determine which work atmosphere — directly supervised or loosely managed — best matches their personalities and interests.

It is important to note that employers expect individuals to use their imaginations to develop their ideal job descriptions. Therefore, individuals are free to deliver descriptions that are a little more grandiose than the job they are applying for. For example, an interview candidate for an outside sales position can list her ideal job as one that allows her to travel every day, give sales presentations to managers and company owners, and close a specific number of sales per day. However, it is acceptable for the interview candidate to also paint a visual picture of her "dream" clients and co-workers that would maximize her chances of success and contentment within her job position.