What Are the Ideal Characteristics of a Nurse?

Nursing Link suggests that successful nurses possess useful attributes that enhance their job performance, such as strong communication skills, the ability to empathize with patients, and a flexible attitude that handles changing situations with ease. Nurses should also display a talent for precision, be very thorough, possess the stamina to endure long shifts, and demonstrate enough emotional stability to navigate stressful work circumstances, such as a patient's discomfort or death.

A hospital relies on nurses to represent the organization in a positive light and act as friendly faces to patients who may be scared and confused. Nurses behave as intermediaries between doctors and patients and must be able to relay information between the two when doctors are pressed for time.

It is not uncommon for nurses to find themselves in situations that require a great deal of ingenuity and resourcefulness, especially when working in emergency situations. They must be able to work well on large teams of supporting hospital staff. They must also remain respectful of their patients' religious and ethical backgrounds and treat them accordingly. They cannot be rigid or judgmental as they are primarily available to support the needs of each patient. Nurses must be intelligent and know how to respond to situations without always requiring the oversight of a doctor.